What We Do

Madison and Fifth are UK distributors of professional accessories for the performing musician. Our passion? Professional products solving real issues - so you can concentrate on your performance, not worry about your gear.

We search the world for those little known but "how did I live without it" accessories that are simply great. Each of our brands offer quality, design and innovation and are truly genuine solutions for the practical issues we face in our performing life - whether on stage, in the studio or at home. And if we didn't use them and love them ourselves then they simply wouldn't be here.

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The Guitar Show 2020

Here we go again . . . . Madison and Fifth will be  exhibiting once more at The Guitar Show 2020 - February 29th and 1st March. 

Newmarket Guitar Show March 2019

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Newmarket Guitar Show this Sunday. We will have our usual great accessory items at show prices!

Integral and Chris Buck

New video from the exciting Welsh guitar player Chris Buck on the joys of gigging with the Integral close micing solution.

Integral Close-Miking Guitar Combo or Cab - August 2017

We are delighted to confirm that we have been appointed UK Distributor for the Integral Close-miking System from SamSystems. This system provides a custom designed off-axis super cardiod analogue microphone that can easily be mounted into guitar and bass combos and cabs. See more in the press release below.

The Nashville Guitar Pick from V-Picks

Given that the company is based in Nashville TN, it seems only right that V-Picks have introduced their latest guitar pick appropriately named the 'Nashville'. Owner and creative force Vinni Smith says "If you have not yet visited Nashville TN, here is your chance to enjoy a small piece of it. Hand made right here in the hills on the west side of Nashville.

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