About Us

The Who, The Why And The Where

WHO ARE YOU?: We are an MI (Musical Instrument) distributor that imports and distributes (mostly) guitar related accessory items. We were formed in 2004 and have been growing ever since. 

WHY ARE YOU?: By pure accident we stumbled across the Stetsbar and, as guitar players, we immediately saw the benefits of its innovative design and quality build. The Stetsbar was a genuinely clever and modern take on guitar tremolo/vibrato systems. We got excited and wanted to bring it to a wider audience. So it was that discovery that set the direction of Madison and Fifth - in an industry dominated by the legacy of the 1950s we wanted to find more modern, well designed and executed products that solved real problems.

WHERE ARE YOU?: We are based in Market Harborough in the tranquil Welland Valley in the East Midlands. Alternatively, and as far as our American cousins are concerned, we are 'way out in the boonies'.

AND WHERE DID THAT NAME COME FROM?: An early supplier of ours was based in New York. They had their showrooms on Madison Avenue and their corporate offices on Fifth Avenue. We needed a name. So Madison and Fifth was it. 

Of course if you say that to a New Yorker, it really messes with their mind. Madison and Fifth never cross . . . . . .