Charlie's Pedalboards

The Guitarist's Approach to PedalBoard Design

Charlie's Pedalboards offer a unique, patented 'stairway' design that makes it simple to operate that back row of pedals while cable cut-outs and the space below the board platforms make it easy to route cabling and mount power supplies. 

The range covers 5 different form factors - from a simple flat design - for those who need just a few pedals - to a large multi-tier board with generous space for both small (think Boss) and large form (volume, wah etc) pedals. 

These pedalboards are well designed, well engineered and come in at a lower price than the other quality branded 'boards available in the market. You can tell that it was a working musician that thought this design through - the experience shows. 

Charlie's Pedalboards are manufactured from high quality sheet aluminium which offers great strength yet light weight. The boards are well finished with a black powdercoat and come with a carry bag, velcro and cable ties.

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