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Beautiful Solid Wood Feedback Suppression
These beautiful solid wood Lute Holes, manufactured in the USA, combat acoustic guitar feedback and look great too.

Lute Holes fit in seconds and are held in the sound hole by a resilient gasket.

Not Just a Pretty Face!
If you play an acoustic guitar live in the studio or at almost any venue where you need to use amplification then you know that feedback could be one of your biggest problems. Feedback happens mainly because the top of the guitar vibrates in tune with a frequency present in the PA or the instrument's amplifier.

Lute Holes combat this problem by reducing the amount of vibration in the guitar's top and disrupting or diffusing the movement of air emanating from the body of the guitar which in turn smoothes out any tonal peaks that you would otherwise get. This smoothing also helps recording and amplification by removing the need to use so much EQ. As you still get sound coming from the sound hole you can use an external microphone to capture your sound as well.

The Lute Hole installs in seconds and can be removed equally quickly. They are made from solid wood so, if you have woodworking skills, you can modify them - we have even had people fitting magnetic pickups to the top of them or hanging internal mikes from them.

Does it Fit? 
If your guitar has a standard 4" diameter sound hole and the fretboard does not protrude into this then fitting is the work of seconds - simply work the Lute Hole gently into the sound hold and the Lute Hole's foam rubber gasket will grip the edge of the sound hole to provide a firm mount.

Most high-end USA manufactured guitars have 4" sound holes - you can simply measure yours to check. But, if you are still unsure then please contact us!

We can also arrange for special order Lute Holes to allow different size and shaped sound holes, other patterns, exotic woods and modifications for knob and for extended fretboards.

The Origin of the Lute Hole
Lute Hole Products are designed by Ulysses Busch. Ulysses has been a professional artist and guitarist for over two decades. He decided to combine his two passions after studying the early stringed instruments that preceded the modern guitar. One of their most striking features were the beautiful soundhole rose carvings. It was only when mass production of instruments began that craftsman dropped the time-consuming and delicate hand carving of soundhole roses (or rosettes). Cutting big empty holes also made the small bodied instruments louder in a time before amplification. According to Ulysses "Big empty holes don't make instruments sound better - think about the f-holes on a Stradivarius. Big empty holes are quick and easy to manufacture and that's the primary reason the art of soundhole roses died out".

This was the inspiration for creating removable soundhole roses which also had a very modern benefit. Excellent feedback control without interrupting the crucial air flow of acoustic guitars. So now guitarists with a need for feedback control can actually improve the look of their guitar and use a product that does not deaden the soundboard with a large piece of dense rubber. "It is absolutely not necessary to completely cover the soundhole to control feedback in most situations" says Ulysses "anyone who tells you differently does not know what he is talking about. This is not a matter of opinion - it is a fact."

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