Nemphasis FX Pedals and Power

From Italy, science and passion combine in a range of effects pedals, power supplies and foot controller.

The core of the range is a selection of handcrafted, true bypass, pure analogue effects pedals for guitar and bass. Each has been designed with pure musicality in mind using the best possible components to offer the lowest sound floor possible and the highest quality of sound.

Designed by resident genius Matteo Bresciani, a pedal will only be developed if it can offer a genuine improvement on existing pedals in its class from other manufacturers.

The words "transparent", "musical" and "the best I've heard" follow these pedals around wherever they go.

The next logical development? If you are producing the best pedals possible, hadn't you better produce the power source to match. And so a range of power supplies are also available, designed and manufactured in Italy by Nemphasis. Check out the Oktopus Plus noiseless power supply (one of 3 power supplies offered) with its 9 isolated outputs delivering a range of volatges from 9v DC to 24v AC.

The third offering (coming soon) arrives in the shape of the PB-8 Foot Controller. This features 8 true bypass effect loops, 4 function switches and a totally MIDI programmable mode - via PC or Apple Mac. The PB-8 is the ideal choice for both stage and studio applications.

All of these items are beautifully put together - a professional's dream - yet available at a price that offers great value to the player.


Guitar and Bass Magazine says "These pedals display a very solid build quality and do exactly what they should in a very musical manner . . . One thing's certain: Nemphasis pedals are well made and they offer well thought-out controls plus professional level signal processing."

Guitarist Magazine says " . . .especially one that's as much of a pleasure to play though as this." (X7 Tube Overdrive) 

Bass Guitar Magazine says "Solid construction and surprisingly subtle effects range . . . check out these proudly all-analogue pedals: a bass overdrive, compressor and chorus among them."

See Guitar Interactive's Video Review of the Bass FX Pedals and of three of the guitar pedals and the Oktopus Power Supply

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