Wishbone Mic Placement System


Live on stage or in the studio the Wishbone series of products is a dream for sound engineers, stage technicians and musicians - mic'ing up combos, cabs and kick drums couldn't be quicker or easier.

The core of the range - the Wishbone Amp 'Hook' can be installed in seconds, by simply inserting the non-slip rubber coated base through the amp's central carry handle or between amp and cab or underneath the cab, setting the required length of the mini-boom arm via the chunky twist grip adjuster.

The Wishbone has no footprint, and thus eradicates unwanted floor vibrations or stage clutter. The low profile also eliminates unsightly boom extension stands with wide obtrusive feet, whilst remaining fully adjustable and offering a full 360 degree rotation to find that all important sonic 'sweet spot' in front of the speaker.

Three custom models are also available:

Wishbone Junior - providing mic placement for all amps with top handles spanning 5 1/2" or less.

Wishbone 45 - providing mic placement for all cabs, combo amps, and stacks.

Kickbone - providing precision mic placement for your kick drum.

Professionally made from high grade materials, all models in the Wishbone range are strong, lightweight, very durable and extremely portable, neatly breaking down to fold away and almost disappear into the smallest of gear bags, taking up far less room and weight than conventional heavier stands.

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