StompLight® is the easiest way to add beautiful sound active lighting to your performance.

The StompLight DMX Pro offers professional stage lighting with simple foot control in a single fully integrated lighting device. With a set up taking just seconds the StompLight DMX Pro lighting effect pedal is a great new solution for the Wedding DJ, musicians and lighting professionals seeking professional stage lighting, fast set up and durability.

The StompLight DMX Pro can be powered for hours with an optional external StompLight Lithium Ion battery pack offering easy set up and positioning anywhere.

The StompLight DMX Pro operates as a fully self-contained stage light or as a light/controller capable of cascading with the innovative StompLight Pal DMX slave light or other DMX lighting products.

The StompLight DMX Pro incorporates an integrated foot control system. No need for separate DMX controller, arcane back-of-fixture programming or an easily misplaced Remote Control.

The StompLight DMX Pro has a sound active mode triggered by an internal microphone and instrument input/output jacks, each channel with adjustable gain. An internal spectrum analyser creates lighting synced to the ambient sound or audio input. Other lighting effects include a colour organ, colour wheel, and a strobe.

The StompLight DMX Pro can be placed on the floor, a pedal board, or quickly mounted on a mic stand. 

StompLight® incorporates an industry first collapsible CREE LED array with a diffuse light field lending itself to facade or under-table lighting. Traditional PAR lights are often too focused for these applications. The small footprint and the StompLight Lithium Ion battery pack make StompLight® easy to move about, position and break down.

StompLight - Stage lighting made simple

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