Super-Vee Vibrato/Tremolo System

From Super-Vee in Colorado USA comes a number of high quality tremolo/vibrato products - requiring no permanent modifications to the guitar - based around their patented ‘Blade’ technology.

The "Blade" design provides a ‘pivot’ between the leading edge of the bridge and the rear of the bridge and is made from industrial grade, high tensile strength, tempered steel. It's completely frictionless and provides super smooth action that will never degrade or wear out.

Two primary models are available – the BladeRunner and the Double Locking tremolo.

The Super-Vee BladeRunner is a sophisticated alternative for the stock Stratocaster Tremolo/Vibrato. Maintaining the same visual appearance as a traditional Strat trem but using the patented ‘Blade’ technology this non-locking tremolo is a ‘drop-in’ replacement. String spacing is 2.1” and so is perfect for both vintage and modern string spacing.

The BladeRunner comes in 6 screw or 2 point versions and is available in right hand and left handed versions. Apart from the standard nickel finish, a number of other finishes are also available. A custom shop offering allows for the choice of saddles, tone blocks, finishes and arms.

The Super-Vee Double Locking tremolo also makes use of the Blade technology and is available in both 6 screw and 2 point form. This device includes an innovative locking nut to provide the most stable platform for Floyd-Rose style whammy excesses. This is a custom order item.

Super-Vee also offer a number of other accessories such as the Mag-Lok anti-deflection device and Super-Glide nut treatment.

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