The Rock Slide

There seem to be a thousand brands of guitar slide out there. So why did we take on The Rock Slide? Simple - this is the first slide manufacturer from whom we saw that combination of positive re-invention, clever design and the use of the best materials. That decision is confirmed every day as slide players, young and old, adopt this company's slide as their favourite.

So, why did The Rock Slide bother to make a guitar slide in the first place? As a player, the inventor was fed up with the same-old selection of bottles and pipes that were available. In 1999 The Rock Slide introduced their first guitar slide. Carving a solid brass rod using CNC technology gave them the freedom to create the signature tapered interior, finger rest and knuckle cutaway. After 14+ years the company is still family owned and made in USA.

The three elements that make The Rock Slide unique are:

TAPERED INTERIOR - The Rock Slide® IS the original tapered interior guitar slide. This provides a small feeling slide that fits snugly, yet has great weight for tone.

CONTROL - The slide has a cutaway so you can bend your finger and not get pinched. Extra control and comfort comes from the dished finger rest.

TONE & FINISH - The Polished Brass Rock Slide® is smooth as silk and has massive sustain. The Moulded Glass Rock Slide® feels like a glass slipper on your finger! The Aged Rock Slide® is slightly grittier, but not at all scratchy. 

This broad range of glass and metal slides are suitable for experienced and beginner slide guitar players.

"The Rockslide is probably as good as a slide can get . . . . " Guitar Interactive Issue 23

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