V-Pick Guitar Picks

We are proud to stock the largest range of V-Picks in the UK!

The V-Picks range of guitar picks has defeated our natural cynicism and proven that something really simple can have a dramatic effect on your playing - and more than live up to the hyperbole of its makers! Furthermore, with a list of endorsing artists that contain the names Carlos Santana, Billy Gibbons, Brad Whitford, Walter Becker and more then you know you are in good company.

Vintage Guitar Magazine said of this brand in 2008 "On electric instruments, the V-Picks we tested sounded better than any plastic pick"

The V-Pick offers

- Richer tone from your instrument - creamy high end, strong mids, a beefy bottom end and more volume - an incredible difference.
- A very smooth/fast action from a smooth, especially selected clear acrylic grade. The V-Pick glides over the strings creating less friction, allowing you to play faster.
- Cool looking and very cool feeling, much like a highly polished stone.
- Easier to hold on to - the V-Pick Guitar Pick feels like it is holding on to you. After playing the V-Pick for a short time, you will relax your grip and the V-Pick will "stick" to your fingers. No more dropped picks or tired hands.
- Reasonably priced, the V-Pick costs much less than other boutique picks.

We can honestly say that these pics were the cause of a step change in our playing. We would be lost without them.

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