StompLight DMS Lighting System - First UK Review July 2017

"The StompLight DMX Professional is one of those great units that I didn’t realise that I needed until I saw it. To me, it is a very effective and very compact way of lighting a small stage and a great way of adding accents if you’ve already got a couple of LED lighting bars for larger stages.
Price-wise, the StompLight is competing with the lower end of the 4-LED bar/controller setup market but its portability andprecision certainly gives it an edge.
A StompLight DMX Pro and a StompLight PAL slave would be all you’d need if you’re a solo or duo playing in smaller venues where there isn’t the space or the need for a full-size set of lights. In that kind of situation, the StompLight really comes into its own. As I mentioned earlier, if you’ve already got some lights, the StompLight is a great way of adding accents. Either way, you really should check one out!."

Bob Thomas

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